Imagine a world where fire could be controlled without chemicals or vast amounts of water...


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Forest Fires

AdaptaFire's innovative solid state device constructions sucks the life out of raging fires by turning the fire against itself.  No matter the weather, the wind, the terrain, or the general environment, Adapt a Fire technology can suppress even the largest fire by capturing the fire, converting it and delivering it back onto itself 

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 AdaptaFire's solutions for industrial settings require no maintenance or 'recharging'.  The advanced technology can be built into any structure or frame to protect hard assets and personnel. Whether in a commercial kitchen or a machine shop floor, AdaptaFire equipment is ready.  



AdaptaFire technology is now being extended and integrated into building materials and structures. The solid state technology does not rely on toxic chemicals or materials to suppress, control and extinguish fire but leverages the physics of fire to capture, convert and turn the fire back on itself.